Facts and figures from SMAK 2017

SMAK 2017 went all out for four full days. The event welcomed more visitors, and was larger and more varied than ever before. The number of visitors to the beer, wine and spirits section increased by a whopping 20% compared to SMAK 2014.

Some key figures

What do we know about the visitors?
Visitors come to SMAK to see new products and to meet new and existing suppliers.


Source: SMAK 2017 Visitor survey

Most visitors belong to the HoReCa industry, followed by bakery, patisserie, café, institutional kitchen and cantines, convenience and grocery store.


Source: SMAK 2017 Visitor registration. (Visitors were able to choose more than one industry)


More about the exhibitors
Exhibitors represent the entire industry spectrum of food and beverages, machines and equipment, interior and design, and beer, wine and spirits.
Their primary motivation is to maintain and build professional relationships and to meet existing and new customers.

.. which leads to sales.

Source: SMAK 2017 Exhibitor survey

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