Our partners

The Norwegian Catering Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Association (BFSN) and the Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) are partners of SMAK 2020. Both organizations have hosted SMAK since the 4 Fairs events in the 2000s.

“The Norwegian Hospitality Association and the Norwegian Hospitality Association Supply Chain partner with SMAK, as it is a trade fair that focuses on promoting Norwegian food culture as well as trade and value-creation,” says Morten Karlsen, purchasing director of the Norwegian Hospitality Association.

“The Norwegian Catering Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Association (BFSN) is a national association, and we want to help shape the future of Norway’s most important growth industry. SMAK has established itself as the leading Nordic meeting place for the industry in general, our members and their customers,” says Joe Harald Strand, managing director of BFSN.

What are the expectations associated with SMAK 2020?

“SMAK is not simply a trade fair; it’s an opportunity to share and showcase expertise, innovation and inspiration. At BFSN, we have found that SMAK, as a meeting place, has contributed to innovation, the development of new products, and, not !east, the establishment of ava lua ble professional network across businesses, organization and specialist environments. The hospitality sector, i.e. hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering, institutional kitchens, nightlife, convenience stores, grocery stores, bakeries and patisseries, is “the new oil” for this country. SMAK provides an opportunity to be inspired and better prepared for the needs of the future.

“For the Norwegian Hospitality Association, SMAK is the perfect opportunity to meet members and other stakeholders in a different setting and to showcase the benefits of a membership with us. lt’s also the perfect event for meeting new potential members and suppliers in a unique setting and in a venue that is well-respected throughout the industry. Of course, we also want to get in on the action.


The importance of participating in SMAK 2020

“SMAK is a major trade fair for anyone involved in the HORECA industry, but also for those who are interested in what we do. Our members will not only be able to engage with us in the Norwegian Hospitality Association and the Norwegian Hospitality Association Supply Chain, but also most of our suppliers, as well as other important players in the industry. lt’s a perfect learning opportunity for all involved,” says Morten Karlsen enthusiastically.

“BFSN wants SMAK 2020 to be a hotbed for new ideas in a time where reorganization and major
changes are required, even in our industry,” Joe Harald Strand concludes.

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